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I was tagged by arealstark ( :D) and I can’t sleep even after trying everything, so I figured now would be a good time to reflect on fifteen things that make me happy.

1. When dogs walk up to me with big smiles.dogs in general
2. Drinking a good cup of tea when it’s not too hot and not cooled too much
3. When I make breakfast and zach makes coffee on Saturday mornings
4. Staying up till four in the morning with two of my favorite people, playing halo
5. Giving someone a home made gift
6. Peaceful solitude working on a project
7. Dancing around the kitchen with my dad
8. Reading an extremely interesting and well written book
9. Completing a difficult task well
10. Learning about different things that interest me such as theology, survival, history and culture, gardening, crafts, cooking,etc
11. Watching/listening to/reading fellowship of the ring or the hobbit
12. Unicorns. Most fantastic creatures anyway
13. Fresh baked breads: quick, artisan, etc
14. Exercising and nature trails
15. Listening to opera early in the morning and milky chance radio after breakfast

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